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  • She was equally certain that Agat could not be killed, and that since he would live, she would live. Stadic dead was better than Stadic alive, everybody agreed on that.

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  • He wanted them to stay on her, but they wanted me in. Sparthera was wait- ing for him at the foot of the stairs.

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    No- Frantically, Crysania struggled against the big warrior, but he held her pinned beneath him.

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    Lindsay understood this and wanted to help her; he wanted to repay her, in a way she understood, for the pleasure she had given him.
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    It's so funny to see your engouements, said the princess. That's the one, with names and times and amounts and everything.

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    He could not die in the conventional sense, but he had a great fear of being captured and interrogated by SOTE experts. Within a mile her heart felt so swollenwith fatigue that she could hardly breathe.
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    Maybe maybe if you got the thing onto a transporter pad, then the two consoles working together could get a lock, or if you put some kind of homing device on the thing, but that's the only way to do it.
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